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Thursday, September 24, 2009

AZCOM Interview - Midwestern University

Today I interviewed at Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine in Glendale, AZ. The day started at 7:45 am at the Office of Admissions. We watched two presentations, one on the curriculum, and the other on financial aid. Then half of us went on a tour, the other half waited to be interviewed.

I was in the first interview group, and the first on the list. Of course, I ended up interviewing first! I was interviewed by a panel of three gentlemen, Dr Jose Hernandez (Biochem), Dr Chad Carroll (Physiology), and Dr James Cole (Senior Consultant, Office of University Relations and former Dean). They sat at an oblong table with Dr Cole at the end, and Dr Hernandez and Dr Carroll sat opposite one another. I sat at the head of the table. Each interviewer had a small netbook in front of them for taking notes. Dr Hernandez asked a few ethical questions, Dr Cole asked random questions which made me think, and stimulated pretty personal responses, and Dr Carroll tended to ask more questions about purpose and motivations for applying for medicine, and to AZCOM. After the 30-minute session I returned to the lounge and chatted with other interviewees, feeling incredible relief after my interview was done!

Next was a campus tour, followed by lunch in the cafeteria, then a tour of the housing facilities and clinic on campus. The day finished around 2:00 pm.

I love this school, and would love to be in Phoenix again.

Next interview: Kirksville.

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